Flag-raising Ceremony at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

April 29, 2018

On April 29, VOICE Canada and the Vietnamese Veterans Association of Ontario hosted a second flag raising ceremony at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. On April 16, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario unanimously adopted a Motion to raise the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag on the Assembly’s Courtesy Flag Pole on April 29, 2018. As a result, the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom flag was once again hoisted in solemn commemoration of the modern beginnings of Canada’s Vietnamese community and as a grateful tribute of Canada’s proud humanitarian tradition. The opening ceremony started with the Canadian and Vietnamese national anthems, followed by the official raising and a moment of silence. Senator Ngo spoke about the importance of the Vietnamese community’s heritage in Canada and the many contributions of Vietnamese Canadians to our country’s diversity and prosperity. Mr. Minh Dong, President of Vietnam Veterans Association of Ontario, also shared a few words. The flag-raising ceremony at Queen’s Park sent a powerful message of hope for those who made the Journey to Freedom and recognized the continued struggle for those who are still denied their rights and freedoms in Vietnam. In celebration of the Vietnamese community’s modern beginnings in Canada, the official flag-raising ceremony was followed by a series of cultural performances that featured traditional Vietnamese songs.

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