Commemoration of King Hùng Vương

April 14, 2019

Senator Ngo was graciously invited by the Vietnamese Cultural Society to attend the annual Commemoration of the Death of King Hùng Vương, which took place at the Army & Navy Airforce
Veterans Centre in Mississauga on Sunday, April 14, 2019.

The anniversary of King Hùng’s death is commemorated every year on the tenth day of the third lunar month, and remains an honoured tradition among the Vietnamese people. As in past years, the Canadian Vietnamese community of greater Toronto gathered together to honour Vietnam’s national history and to recognize King Hùng Vương’s unique creation of a national order that built the foundation for a strong and sovereign Vietnam.

Senator Ngo was delighted to take part in this occasion and thanks the Vietnamese Cultural Society’s organizing committee, community leaders and volunteers, who were involved in making this special event possible.

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