Statement by Senator Ngo on the adoption of Journey to Freedom Day Bill in the Senate

December 9, 2014

Senator Thanh Hai Ngo today issued the following statement on the adoption of Bill S-219, Journey to Freedom Day Act in the Senate:

“I am extremely honoured to announce that Bill S-219, known as the Journey to Freedom Day Act, passed the Senate on December 8, 2014, and has now been referred to the House of Commons.”

“The bill regarding Journey to Freedom Day, alternatively known as Black April Day by the Vietnamese-Canadian community, establishes a day to commemorate the thousands of refugees who fled Vietnam in pursuit of freedom, and it pays tribute to Canada’s humanitarian tradition of welcoming thousands of refugees during and after the Vietnam War.”

“Unfortunately, by refusing to support the bill, the Liberals have given into pressure from a foreign government – namely that of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam – rather than listen to the voices of Canada’s Vietnamese community.”

“For the past 39 years, Vietnamese-Canadians have gathered on April 30 to remember a new beginning and to thank Canada. In 2015, the Vietnamese-Canadian community will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the boat people’s resettlement in Canada. I envision the Journey to Freedom Day Act as a way to mark this milestone year, to thank Canada for saving our lives and to commemorate the Vietnamese refugees’ new-found freedom.”

“Freedom is not free, and the boat people paid for their freedom with their perilous journey.”


For more information please contact:
The Office of Senator Thanh Hai Ngo 613-943-1599