Mississauga, January 23, 2013 – Senator Thanh Hai Ngo and the Vietnamese Association, Toronto (VAT) welcomed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the 28th annual Têt Festival on January 19 to celebrate the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

“As we bid farewell to the Year of the Dragon and welcome the Year of the Snake, it is my hope that 2013 will be a year of good health, good fortune and much happiness for you and for your families!” Senator Ngo said to the thousands of Vietnamese-Canadians at the Toronto International Centre.

The Senator had the honour of introducing to the podium the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, the first Canadian prime minister to attend the Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival.

The Prime Minister and Senator Ngo were also joined by Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Senator Tobias Enverga Jr., as well as other Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and Members of Parliament.

For more information, please contact:
Office of the Honourable Thanh Hai Ngo

Click Here to view the full video of the Toronto Tet Festival

The video will be broadcasted on the VBS television network on Saturday January 26, 2013.

Photos from left to right. (Click photos to enlarge)
1) Senator Thanh Hai Ngo delivers remarks at Tết Toronto 2013.
2) Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivers remarks at Tết Toronto 2013.
3) Minister Jason Kenney delivers remarks at Tết Toronto 2013.
4) Prime Minister Stephen Harper shakes hands with Senator Thanh Hai Ngo during the official ceremony of Tết Toronto 2013.