Message from Senator Thanh Hai Ngo on Canada Day

July 1, 2017

Senator Thanh Hai Ngo, today released the following statement regarding the upcoming celebration of Canada Day:

“Canada’s 150th Anniversary is a wonderful milestone date for Canadians from coast to coast to celebrate the people who make Canada great and remember the unforgettable moments that have shaped our country.

“Canada was built in large part upon the hard work of millions of immigrants who hoped for a better life – among them were the Vietnamese ‘Boat People’ who embarked on a perilous journey to freedom after the fall of Saigon in 1975. Canada’s humanitarian response to the Boat People refugee crisis, and its compassionate response welcoming over 60,000 refugees marked the modern beginnings of Canada’s Vietnamese community.

“Vietnamese Canadians have a particular cause to celebrate their new found freedom and their cherished contribution to Canada. Their story has been commemorated by Historica Canada in a “Heritage Minute” short video in both official languages available online here.

“It was my honour to formally table a document in the Senate Chamber as the “Unofficial Vietnamese translation of O Canada” on June 20, 2017. The Vietnamese translation of O Canada evokes our shared history and strong diversity. It is my pleasure to share this private project undertaken by prominent member of the Vietnamese Canadian community by showcasing their hard work on my website for all to listen.

“As we celebrate Canada 150 with friends and family, let us remember our country’s long tradition as a diverse, respect, and multicultural nation.

“From my family to yours, Happy Canada Day!”01