Message from Senator Ngo regarding the death of Liu Xiaobo

July 14, 2017

Senator Thanh Hai Ngo today expressed his deepest regrets regarding the death of Liu Xiaobo, China’s most influential dissident and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

“I am truly saddened to learn that Liu Xiaobo died in Chinese custody on July 13, 2017. I extend my sincere condolences to his family, his loved ones and the thousands of dissidents in China whom he has inspired to fight for fundamental human rights. His long non-violent struggle for freedom in China embodies the truest values of a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

“It is deeply disturbing that China failed to provide Liu Xiaobo with proper liver cancer treatment abroad while he was unfairly imprisoned for peacefully exercising his right to speak freely.

“China must stop its nationwide campaign to detain peaceful activists, and release all prisoners of conscience, including Liu Xiaobo’s wife, poet Liu Xia, from house arrest. Unfortunately, the Chinese Communist Party ignores international pressure and continues to punish activists and depict civil society as a ‘national security threat.’

“The Canadian Government should switch its focus from commercial interests and start paying more serious attention to the abysmal human rights situation in China before approving any more Chinese state-owned enterprises and pursuing a free trade deal with one of the worst authoritarian regimes in the world.”