Remembrance Day Ceremony 2014 at Royal Canadian Legion

November 11, 2014

Senator Ngo attended the Ceremony at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch for this Remembrance Day in honour of our devoted veterans and fallen soldiers. Alongside Marc Lapointe, Sonia Fleury, and Dana Bathon, who accompanied him on Tuesday with their equally committed K9 companions Tyson, Taco and Coco. Today, like every day we thank them for their devotion and contributions to all Canadians.  Courageous Companions Canada has done a great job in helping the return of Canadian Military Veterans, providing a unique method of support and expertise.

There are no words to ever express enough gratitude for your courage, bravery and dedication in fighting for Canada’s democratic values. We as Canadians are truly grateful to have here back at home with us and to commemorate those who have fallen in duty.

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