Conference on the Safety of Imported Seafood Products from Vietnam

November 1, 2018

On Thursday, November 1, Senator Ngo was invited as a distinguished guest to attend the second annual Conference on “Safety of Imported Seafood Products from Vietnam: Implications in Health Law, CP TPP and WTO”, which took place at the Sir John A. MacDonald Building in Ottawa.

The event was co-hosted by Senator Ngo,  and Members of Parliament Mrs. Anne Minh Thu Quach and Mrs. Elizabeth May. Panelists included Dr. Binh Nguyen, Professor Nicholas Leger-Riopel, The Honourable David Kilgour, and Professor Malaika Bacon-Dussault. Each spoke on a a related topic, including the links between food safety and health law, the CPTPP and its ethical implications, and the WTO’s role in international trade and environmental protection.

Senator Ngo gave the conference’s closing remarks, during which he encouraged Canadians to gain a better understanding of the serious health risks of imported seafood from Vietnam, largely affected by the Formosa Environment Disaster of April 2016. The Senator also urged the Government of Canada to play a greater role vis-à-vis the communist Vietnamese Government to mitigate the remaining threats on the environment and to respect the human rights of peaceful activists calling for clean water, clean government and transparency.

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