Canadian Parliamentary Delegation official trip to Taiwan and Trip to Bangkok

April 12, 2013

March 31 – April 12 2013, A delegation of Canadian Parliamentarians travelled to Taipei at the expense of the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Ottawa to strengthen bilateral cooperation and friendship between Canada and Taipei. Highlights of the trip include an audience with President Ma Ying-Jeou and other Official and Non-governmental organizations such as:

Ambassador Ting Joseph Shih Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs – Te-tsung Chang, Director, China Youth Corps – Her Excellency Hong Hsio-Chu, Vice President of the  Legislative Yuen – CAMSA-TW – the National Immigration Agency – the American Institute in Taiwan – Taipei Women Rescue Foundation – the International Committee for Free Vietnam (Taiwan Chapter) Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Brides Offices.

Senator Ngo continued his trip in Asia at his own expense to discuss human rights violations, refugee rights and improvements for social justice with United Nations officials in Thailand and directors of the Thai government.

Here’s a list of the organizations:

Human Rights Watch – NHRC – OHCHR – Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network – Asylum Access Thailand – BPSOS (Boat People SOS) – US Ambassador Grover Joseph Rees (retired) – Jesuit Refugee Services, Thailand Urban Refugee Program – People’s Empowerment Foundation – Thai Committee for Refugees Foundation – Human Rights Watch – Delegation of the Canadian Embassy in Thailand.

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