Book Launch: “Running on Empty: Canada and the Indochinese Refugees”

May 17, 2017

Senator Ngo attended the “Running on Empty: Canada and the Indochinese Refugees, 1975 – 1980” book launch on May 17, 2017, hosted by McGill-Queens University Press, Library and Archives Canada, and the Canadian Immigration Historical Society. Written by Michael J. Molloy, Peter Duschinsky, Kurt F. Jensen and Robert Shalka, attendees heard excerpts from their book that resonated with everyone in the room, of the powerful Canadian history of rescuing Indochinese refugees displaced by war, tyranny, and genocide in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Senator Ngo had the honour of presenting former Prime Minister Joe Clark an award on behalf of the Vietnamese Canadian Federation. It was under the federal government of Prime Minister Joe Clark, when Canada announced that it would accept an unprecedented number of 60, 000 refugees. About 40 years later, those refugees are now proud Canadians in our multicultural society.

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